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this is my diary! enjoy your stay!

February 18 2023

hi again! back from my bi-monthly neocities hiatus that seems to be recurring ^_^;; i have been in enamel pin grading hell to fufill kickstarter orders for a few weeks...then for fun i picked up cyberpunk 77 so i got pretty sucked into that. i still have some enamel pins in progress with my manufacturer that i need to wait on but everyone HERE is graded yippie! so i can share some images! overall i'm really happy with how they turned out. i rarely hold on to my own "merch" but i definitely want to keep some of these!! i learnt some things to look out for by getting firsthand experience but the designs look sooo good in pin-form. i'm obsessed with these toony versions tbh expect more of them on other stuff lol. i was most hesitant to do this project originally because the og's are so painterly, then the upfront costs and dealing with the manu...all that actually went so smoothly! what i didn't consider is how these will be owning my living room for a while... ^____^;;;;;

pictures! these are my favorite designs so far. a-grades ended up on my etsy and a+b's are on my bigcartel.

after my last journal i was still on a huge pixel art kick and made even more 50 x 50 avie bases, dolls, pagedolls... just a sampling here, but i'll throw the rest on my pixel pages!

December 31 2022

happy new years everyone! hope you all had fun and restful holidays.

had a good christmas! saw my mom and got a new not broken phone, yippie! spent the rest of the week just plodding around the house: picked out a new paint color for the bedroom, started on finishing the windows and painting the returns a white gloss. gotta be because my cats like to sit there! i had prepped it all back in late november, god it was bad!! chunky drips and hair in the paint everywhere Dx even some tape painted over on a wall.

anime los angeles next wekend! i have my new dye mixture to try out tomorrow so i will debut it then. additionally those stickers i finally took pictures of! she's an angel~~

also made some pixels this week. some button templates for my web materials section, a little mew vanilla, a doll base set, a heart doily...thing, and a toybox for my toybox page! i was thinking of using the heart doily for a landing page to achieve that real 2005 pixel site effect but we'll see!!

that's all! see you next year!!!

December 19 2022

still on my rebranding project re:"vampirevalentine". not only did i rename myself here but also my instagram, etsy, store, etc.~~ i was always getting comments at cons like "i like how youre doing like a horror cute thing" which yes! thats like my whole thing. let's make it obvious! so whichever way i lean in what i'm drawing it can still fall in theme. and my old name "jnii.jpg" was near unreadable for people (oops >_<) oh well! i'm happy to change. also bonusanything i make for fun here can be integrated into my store css!! unfortunately i have a LOT of business cards with the old name that i'm still putting in packages but thankfully etsy redirects!

part of that projet though was doing some "find me in aa" announcement templates for cons which of course need a cute mascot lol. i had one previously but was never too attached to the design, never gave it a name, so the announcements were not great and fizzled out pretty quickly. you can see elements that made it into the new one. her name is vivi! (vv...get it)

of course she gets a pixel

next is going to be images for a "tattoo ticket" listing for my etsy. i usually just tell people its nbd when they ask for permission just show me but so many offer to pay so why not let them lmaoo. i'm always getting asked anyway, it would probably make it easier on people. i could always use money for my cat related expenses. so thats my project for the rest of today, also taking some new product photos of unreleased stickers that have been sitting on my desk for weeks...ack!


December 16 2022

ok the hair is growing on me. i took some packages to the post office and on the walk a lady complimented me so -w- i think i'll try adding in some purple in a wash just to try and tone out the yellow. the roots i think i did a decent job tbh, just the difference in the top and length is a bit weird. i could definitely use a haircut too. i'm still eyeing blonde though...

also i made a silly blinkie today:

time for a photo dump, end of year recap! this is like dec back to maybe april? projects, collecting, and kittens! they're sloppy but theyre what i took.

December 15 2022

just farting around on here! doing some silly pixels for fun. i also finally made some temp buttons for my site. and blinkies! woo!

irl: tried doing my roots & retouching my pink myself this week. don't do this -_-;; it was more expensive than just going to the school where i usually do it!! and i dont like it! im neon. aaaaa!!! i wanted to try giving myself a paler/cooler color bc the school refuses to use purple to cancel out the yellow @w@ anyway, i'm tempted to go cool blonde next while im bleached, hmm!

doing a litle xmas shopping here and there. the kitties got a window perch, they're loving watching the birds next door. its so hard to get out of bed these days though, its too cold! im cranky >:(